Zephair Diffuser Unit With 30ml Anti bacterial Essential oil.

Zephair Diffuser Unit With 30ml Anti bacterial Essential oil.
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Fill the reservoir to the mark shown with water and add 5-6 drops of your essential oil.

this unit is supplied with x1 30ml Anti Bacterial essential Oil.

The diffuser is 130mm tall and 90mm diameter. The diffuser can be powered by batteries (3x2AA) or by UBS Lead (which is included in the diffuser box). Plug the diffsuer into your computer or into your USB mains adaptor. we do supply the adaptor for this unit( please look in our accessories section).

This unit is an easy, safe way of removing unpleasant odours such as smoke and animal. Using all naural product this unit filters air through the water and generates a pleasant aroma by dispensing essential oil into your environment.

Our product is used in care homes and hospitals throughout the country to control the spread of MRSA, c difficile, aspergillus Niger (the bugs that always been passed around) and other airborne bacteria. It works effciently to reduce the spread of flu spores that hang around on surfaces.

Our tests have shown that use of our particular bled of oils dramatically reduces the rooms microbial load, including computer keyboards and telephones. It also leaves a pleasant citrus aroma but not an overpowering smell.

The added bonus is that the blend of oils is an excellent malodour remover where the smell is removed and not just masked.