Zephair Diffuser Unit With 10ml Rosemary.

Zephair Diffuser Unit With 10ml Rosemary.
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The Rosemary essential oil is strong, clear and penetrating. It is also a refreshing herbal fragrance.


Our Zephair Units are not only superb natural air freseners but they are also a great way of maintaining a clean, fresh and healthy atmosphere in your home and work environment. When essential oils are used in te Zephair diffuser units the oil is broken down into dry sub-micron particles.These Dry parcticles are diffused from the units and can remain suspended in hte air for long periods of time.

The Zephair unit will cope effectively witha bedroom, kitchen and small areas. Operation is simple: just add water upto the mark and add a few drops of the oil on a daily basis. The unit comes complete with a USB cable and can also run on batteries 3x2AA (these batteries are not supplied). The diffuser is 130mm tall and 90mm diameter, is it used as an easy and safe way of removing unpleasant odours such as smoke and animal.

Using all natural products the unit filters the air through the water and generates a pleasant aroma by dispensing essential oil into your environment. Our product has and still us used in care homes and hospitals throughout the country to control the spread of MRSA, c difficile, Aspergillus Niger( all these bugs that keep getting passed around.). It works very effciently to reduce the spread of flu spores that hang around on your surfaces.

This great added bonus is that our blend of oils arnt just an excellent malodur remover they completely remove the odours.