How Zephair Diffuser Units Work.

Our range of Zephair units is not only superb natural air fresheners but also a great way of maintaining a clean, fresh and healthy atmosphere in your home and office environment.


When our anti-bacterial Oils are used in the Zephair and Zephair Plus diffuser units the oil is broken down into dry sub-micron particles. These dry particles are diffused from the units and can remain suspended in the air for long periods. This allows the particles to come into contact with germs and airborne bacteria.


The breakdown of oils in this manner is not apparent in candles, bulb rings and other heat units and therefore does not have the same effect.


Whilst the sub-micron particles are in the air contact reduces levels of infectious pathogens, fungus, and moulds whilst leaving a pleasant Citrus aroma.


Once the particles have landed you will find that they also deal with surface bacteria such as MRSA, clostridium difficile  and flu spores that are found on keyboards, door handles and telephones etc.


The Zephair unit will cope effectively with a bedroom, kitchen and small lounge, whilst the larger Zephair plus unit will operate well in lounges and offices. 


These units also act as small humidifiers to help counteract the drying effect of central heating and air conditioning.


Operation is simple: - Just add water up to the mark and a few drops of the Anti-bacterial blend of oils on a daily basis. When you see the water after a day you will realise just what is in the air.


Just switch on and let Zephair do the rest.


We also supply a range of Themed Oils to suit your mood as well as a comprehensive range of Essential and Base oils for Aromatherapy.


We have now added the trigger sprays to our range. These are a water based product, ideal for instant air freshening. It is safe to use on fabrics and upholstery. After initial spraying the fragrance, which is the same citrus aroma as our diffusion units, yoy will continue to linger for up to 4 hours. At this point you will notice that the original bad smell has gone. A little goes a long way, all natural and we believe, well priced.