Introducing our range of Insect control and Odour Control products. All made using Sustainably sourced natural ingredients.

The range which will be added to over the next few weeks and will include:-

A Spider Spray, all natural with sustainably sourced ingredients. Naturally deterring small 8 legged insects. Available now.

A natural Colloidal Silver based Plant wash to help protect against Spidermite and other Aphids. Expected mid March.

A  Blight and Mildew protecting Spray. Expected Mid March

Odour Control Gel Blocks. Linen, Baby Talcum and Wild Cherry fragrances Available now

Grow Room Diffusers with a range of Odour control fragrances. Anti-microbial, Wild Cherry, Fresh Linen and Baby Talcum. Full range expected End February

A range of Natural Odour Control Sprays. Fresh Linen, Baby Talcum and Green Meadow Available now.

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Natrell Silver Plant Wash Spray, 300ml Fine mist. Spidermite, control.
Available in the brilliant 300ml Flairosol Fine Mist Spray Bottle, a bottle that allows you top s..
Ex Tax: £12.49
500ml Spider Deterrent Spray, Repellent, Non Harmful, Natural, Essential Oils
Our New Spider Spray. 500ml Trigger There are many natural ingredients you can use that repe..
Ex Tax: £3.31
Box Of 3   500ml Spider Sprays. Humane, Harmless, Natural, deterrent, Essential Oils, Peppermint, Neem
Zephair Spider Spray x3. There are many natural ingredients you can use that repel spiders th..
Ex Tax: £8.33
Box Of 6  500ml Spider Sprays. Natural, deterrent, Essential Oils, Peppermint, Neem
A Box of 6 x 500ml Trigger Spider Sprays using a 5 Essential Oil Synergy Blend.   R..
Ex Tax: £18.70
Spider Spray 5 Litre, Essential Oils, Sustainable ingredients, harmless, Refill
Our Popular Non Harmful Spider Spray in a 5 Litre Refill Bottle. Save on plastic, re-use your..
£29.99 £23.48
Ex Tax: £19.57
Large Diffuser, Large Room,1 Litre Ready to use Anti-microbial  Essential Oil blend. Zephair, Antimicrobial, Antiviral.
During this difficult time we are packaging our large Zephair Diffuser unit with 1 Litre of our r..
£99.99 £89.00
Ex Tax: £74.17
Natrell Odour Neutraliser Pots in 6 Aroma Choice 170g
Our 170g Odour Neutralisi..
Ex Tax: £7.08
3 x 150ml Odour Control Fragrance Room Sprays.
A set of 3 Fragranced Room Sprays in 150ml finger spray bottles.   Baby Fresh. ..
Ex Tax: £5.83
300ml Anti Microbial Essential Oil Room Spray.
300ml Anti Microbial Spray. Made with our 3 Essential oil citrus blend leaves a fresh and sme..
Ex Tax: £5.83
5 Litre Natrell Air freshener, Baby  Fresh Talcum Fragrance. Refill Bottle
A 5 Litre Economical Refill of this beautiful Spray complete with free overnight carriage.  ..
Ex Tax: £7.49
 Zephair 500ml Anti-Microbial Anti-Bacterial, Air freshener Room Spray. Sustainable
  The new improved formulation has enhanced the effect of our Air freshening Room Spray...
Ex Tax: £1.44
Natrell, Air freshener,White Linen fragrance, Natural, Room spray. 5 Litre Refill
A 5 Litre Economical Refill of this beautiful Spray .  ..
Ex Tax: £7.49
Zephair Room Spray 5 Litre Refill. Citrus, Anti-microbial. Anti-Bacterial, Sustainable
Now available in a handy 5 Litre refill bottle This Air Freshener Spray has been specifically..
Ex Tax: £10.83
Zephair Concentrate Room Spray, 1 Litre, Essential Oils,Citrus, makes 16 x 500ml
Introducing our New 1 Litre bottle of Spray Concentrate in a stylish dosing bottle that allows yo..
Ex Tax: £14.16