Zephair Room Spray 5 Litre Refill. Citrus, Anti-microbial.

Zephair Room Spray 5 Litre Refill. Citrus, Anti-microbial.
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Now available in a handy 5 Litre refill bottle

This Air Freshener Spray has been specifically designed using pure Essential Oils to act as an instant odour remover, it doesn’t just mask the smells it completely removes them. 

Made with Lemongrass, Tea Tree, and Geranium Essential Oils the formulation is completed with plant based preservative and blending agentsIt is also safe to spray onto fabrics and upholstery and will leave a pleasing, citrus aroma.

All out ingredients are sustainably sourced.

You can use it to rid yourself of those lingering  pet  and urine smells, especially after those little accidents.

You all know how bad spilt milk can be after a few hours, well, our spray will even eliminate the odours from these and other undesirable smells.

The Citrus fresh fragrance will linger for up to 4 hours, Once the fragrance has subsided, the original odour has also completely gone.

Our Spray is also non - aerosol. So no Ozone damaging chemicals.

But don't take our word for it, here is what others have said :-

"Splendid Quality and Value Item with superb delivery" Peter.

"Really love the smell, 2 for work, 2 for home and 2 for a friend." Jill

"Got it today, it sorted out my smelly house carpets, does what it says." Lynne

​ You will NOT be disappointed with this natural Odour Eliminator.

100% Money back complete satisfaction Guarantee!


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