Zephair Concentrate Room Spray, 1 Litre, Essential Oils,Citrus, makes 16 x 500ml

Zephair Concentrate Room Spray, 1 Litre, Essential Oils,Citrus, makes 16 x 500ml
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Introducing our New 1 Litre bottle of Spray Concentrate in a stylish dosing bottle that allows you to accurately measure the concentrate.

All natural and sustainably sourced ingredients. No alcohol.

This will allow you to make up 16 x 500ml bottles of our popular room spray. Beautifully Citrus with a blend of 3 Essential Oils (Lemongrass, Geranium and Tea Tree)

Simply add water, (preferably boiled and cooled) and stir well before pouring into your spray bottle.

A good way of using single use spray bottles over and over again. 

Save on carbon emissions by shipping less water.

Save money with this economical option. 

The dosing bottle is simple to use.

1 - With cap on turn upside down.

2 - Turn the bottle back up. You will see the dosing chamber level off.

3 - Remove cap and pour contents of dosing chamber into a measure jug. Don't worry, only the contents of the dosing chamber will come out.

4 - Then just add water, stirring as you do it.

5 - Pour contents into an appropriate Spray bottle.

Developed with the Care Industry in mind and the popularity of our Anti-bacterial blend of Essential oils used in our Zephair Air diffusion units we have developed our own trigger bottle spray using the same oils. The result is an effective Odour remover that is also a lovely citrus Air freshener, still maintaining all the anti-bacterial qualities.

Ideal for use in Care Homes, Pubs, Clubs, Hotels, Schools etc.

Can be used in all areas including removing pet odours, bathroom smells or just freshening up the room.

Can be used on fabrics, curtains etc quite safely.

Rather than mask the smell the expressed oils remove it, leaving a pleasant citrus aroma that will linger for up to 4 hours. You will also find that once the fragrance of the spray has dissipated nature has done its job and the original bad smell is gone.