Diffuser Units For commercial use.

The Zeph Air system for commercial use is a service that is designed specifically for Care Homes, Health sector, Offices, Schools and shops.

The units are pre-loaded with a mix of our anti-bacterial Essential and carrier oils.

The loaded units are delivered to you. Just switch on and enjoy the following benefits:-

1 - Effectively reduces more than 80% of airborne bacteria and 90% of surface bacteria.
2 - Extremely effective against malodour. It does not mask it removes.
3 - Pleasant, refreshing air freshener with a zing of lemon.

Our oils are dispersed in dry sub-micron form that won’t stick to your clothes or the fabric of the building.
Helps significantly in the fight against:-

C. difficile

Airborne bacteria

These are the germs and bacteria that cause ‘those bugs’. You may not see them, but they are there.

Each month we will give you notice that the units are to be replaced to allow you to collect them up and leave with you newly loaded units.

Test show a reduction in excess of 80% in all areas within a 7 day period with continued protection as the system is used.